Preemptive Offenses

Friday, March 15, 2013

Fusillade Atop The Mound Of Corpses

It would appear that the Dishonorable Charles Schumer has a competitor eager for space for her personal standard on that bloody hilltop:

Granted, you can't expect better from a leftist idiot such as Feinstein. But you'd think a creature with a seat in the United States Senate would be more aware of the transparency of such a naked appeal to raw emotion. Apparently we shouldn't expect that either.

As impressively incisive as Senator Cruz was -- which, incidentally, appears to be his pattern, and may we see much more of it in the months and years to come! -- I'd have loved to hear him pursue the Dishonorable Senator from California along the following lines:

"It would appear that the senior senator from California considers herself superior to other Americans. After all, she travels with an armed guard. She sits in a chamber guarded by men with fully automatic weapons. And she regards herself as qualified to decree what weapons private citizens should be allowed to own. That can only mean that she's a superior creature, privileged by God, one of the rightful masters of the people rather than one of their elected servants. In that light, it becomes terribly clear that my previous question was an act of lese majeste. Pray forgive me my presumption, Senator. I momentarily forgot my place."
Yes, there have been brawls on the Senate floor in the past, though it's been quite a while since the last one. Might liven the dive up a bit.

(I'd put an Andy Jackson on Cruz. Knockout in the third round. Any takers?)

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