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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Geez, Maybe It Is A Conspiracy!

It's important that freedom lovers remember that those who oppose us aren't all motivated by the same things:

  • You have your "low-information" voter, who thinks that by voting for tyrant wannabees Democrats he's doing the right thing for the country;
  • You have your "special interest / single issue" voter, who votes for redistributionist thugs Democrats specifically to advance his pet cause or fatten his wallet;
  • You have your really-and-for-true evil political genius, whose pole star is absolute power -- perhaps shared with a few like-minded friends -- and whose tactics are chosen for that reason and no other.

That third category sits at the pinnacle of the Democrat Party and utterly controls the special-interest groups that are the backbone of the Democrats' coalition. By way of Common Sense and Wonder, we have this reflection on the relentless consistency of that group over the decades:

If you are old enough, you can remember Democrats such as Ted Kennedy, in their rare candid moments, rhapsodizing that someday, when they could get 50% of the U.S. population plus one receiving a government check of some kind, they would never again lose a national election! The notorious but true 47% cited by Mitt Romney apparently is close enough.

Then, an especially vile tributary of this liberal Democrat cynicism is what they have done to destroy the U.S. underclass, especially the black underclass.

This tragedy can be exposed via one rhetorical question: What would happen to the Democrats if all the poor in this country suddenly became rich? They'd never win another election, would they?

So the Democrats have a vested need to keep the poor down. Our permanent welfare class is no accident. Government incentives for people to stay poor may be well-calculated.

But with a repressed minority manipulated into believing that Democrats are on its side, now to be joined via immigration by a large number of Hispanics that the Dems see as captive voters, the new U.S. demographics make the liberal Democrats' scheme to finesse a permanent one-party government a near certainty.

This is a keeper. Read it all! Perhaps the most striking of the author's observations is this one:

Another symptom is the Democrats' heavy-handed, even brutal, proclivity to criminalize any opposition to their agenda, i.e., a blood sport political orientation of "we will not only ruin you, we will prosecute you."... As Bill O'Reilly of FoxNews, has said, "People fear the left because the left is vicious."

Author John Gaski is an associate professor at the University of Notre Dame.

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