Preemptive Offenses

Saturday, March 16, 2013

If You Want To Say Something...

...put it in the mouth of a Negro with a significant public profile. That renders you safe from criticism. At least, it did at one time.

On the other hand, if you want to stoke Negroes' hatred of Caucasians, misrepresent the details of a high-profile murder of a black candidate for public office.

It offends me -- me, the Preemptive Offender! -- that anyone as stupid as John Conyers is permitted to cross the street unattended by a minder, much less vote in the House of Representatives. Is the man unaware that debts must be repaid? That in point of absolute, Natural Law-enforced fact, debts are always repaid...if not by the borrower, then by the lender? But of course, I'm the racist, for calling him an idiot.

Of the inexhaustible charm of Van Jones, Communist and black racial agitator, little need be said. It becomes clear from the article linked above that he understands the importance of having the biggest possible enemies -- and at this point, there's no one of higher stature on the Right than Senator Rand Paul. If he scores against that target, his own stature, badly weakened by his dismissal from the Obamunist Czarate, will be much improved.

The Takimag article highlights a dissimulation so vicious that words fail me. That the Washington Post, a respected organ with a national circulation, should perpetuate a narrative that casts the blame for a murder on unspecified white people when the black killer was arrested and confessed many days ago, defies all rational explanation. But then, the Main Stream Media are so deeply in bed with the Left, and in particular with the Obama Administration, that perhaps nothing else would occur to them. They are no longer journalists, but Democrat Party house propaganda organs, tasked to the divide-to-conquer race and class war that allows the Left to remain in power.

That's the Left's political playbook for our time, sports fans. Divide by race. Divide by sex and sexual orientation. Divide by ethnicity. Divide by economic standing. Divide by education. Divide urban from suburban and rural. Divide, divide, divide...and constantly represent yourselves as the one and only defense against the evil plans of The Other.

Does it work? Some of the time, at least. Which is why every opportunity to reveal the deception, to laugh at its transparent fatuity, and to draw people's attention to the Left's real agenda must be seized and exploited to the hilt.

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