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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Inconvenient Truths

The term inconvenient truth was first impressed upon popular consciousness by Al Gore and his patented enviro-flummery about "global warming." Say, remember those days? When rising global temperatures were supposed to melt the ice caps and make the seas rise twenty feet or so, killing off about two-thirds of Mankind? I do. I remember hearing that Gore had received the Nobel Peace Prize for a movie with that title...though the connection between peace and inane, unsubstantiated predictions of climatic disaster continues to elude me.

But that was then. These days, the truths the majority of Americans finds most inconvenient are about race. Have a few, courtesy of your beloved Offender:

  • Negroes are approximately 13% of the American population.
  • Approximately 70% of all Negro babies are born to unmarried mothers.
  • As of February 2009, the date of Eric Holder's famous "A Nation Of Cowards" speech, Negroes were approximately 29% of all persons receiving "public assistance" (i.e., welfare) and 35% of all persons receiving food stamps.
  • Negroes commit approximately 50% of all violent crimes.
  • Negroes commit approximately 100% of all interracial murders and rapes.
  • All race riots, without exception, are perpetrated by Negroes.
  • If an election includes a Negro candidate as the nominee of one or the other major party, that candidate will receive 95% or more of the Negro vote.

If those figures make you unhappy, feel free to argue with the Census Bureau and the FBI about them. I doubt you'd be alone. No doubt Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter would rather such statistics weren't amassed at all.

A great many Negroes hold themselves to be "oppressed" by Caucasians. Which I'm perfectly sure explains incidents such as this:

Two Georgia monsters Friday shot and killed a helpless baby for nothing as he sat in his stroller.

The senseless point-blank execution came seconds after the killers — teenagers — shot and wounded the tot’s terrified mother in a botched robbery.

“Do you want me to shoot your baby?” one of them said, before ending the 13-month-old boy’s life, police said.

Little Antonio Santiago’s mom Sherry West, although wounded, gave cops a detailed description of the teens — a 17- and 14-year-old — who were arrested Friday.

West also gave a gut-wrenching account of what allegedly happened when the older boy pointed a gun at her.

"I said, ‘No, don’t kill my baby!’ ”

But he did anyway, she said.

And West, who reportedly lost her 18-year-old son to senseless violence five years earlier, was left to bury another child — and to wonder why the teen with the gun wouldn’t believe her.

Here's a photo of the perpetrator, De'Marquise Elkins, 17:

No doubt he was just horribly oppressed. Particularly by the lack of monetary reward for his...efforts.

Justice in the United States being what it is, Elkins has a fair chance of not being executed for his deed. He'll have an attorney at trial, paid out of public funds. He'll have racial agitators outside the trial. He'll have champions of interracial amity such as Al Sharpton commenting about him on radio and television. Though the odds are against it, he might even walk away free. It's happened before. Remember the OJ Simpson trial?

Whatever the case may be in other lands, in America Negroes are dangerous. The civilized ones fear the savages among them quite as much as any Caucasian would. Are the savages a minority of American Negroes? Yes, certainly. But they're a substantial minority, if we can go by FBI statistics...and the civilized majority reflexively defends them against law enforcement's attempts to bring them to heel.

Because, you know:


Charges of "racial profiling," "police brutality," and "judicial lynching" are virtually automatic when the arrestee / defendant is a Negro. It stands to reason, as such charges have a splendid record at helping Negroes arrested for crimes of violence to go free. No one can say how many objectively guilty Negro defendants who escaped justice owe their good fortune to the tragic slaying of Amadou Diallo, but I have little doubt there have been some.

Here's another inconvenient truth: It's other Negroes who pay the heaviest price. Just as 50% of all crimes of violence are committed by Negroes, 50% of the victims of violent crime are Negroes. Once again, if you don't like the figure, take it up with the FBI.

But just in case the inability to hold me personally responsible for any of those numbers is giving you a bile attack, I'll give you one you can pin on me:

100% of the resentment and anger germinated by the inconvenient truths above is felt by Caucasians and Asians...toward Negroes. And it won't have to rise much higher to make the dream of peaceful race relations in America dissolve for good and all.

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furball said...

Inconvenient truth #2: What on God's green earth had Barack Hussein Obama done to deserve a Peace Prize?

To quote:

The Nobel Peace Prize 2009 was awarded to Barack H. Obama "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples".

How are blacks, hispanics, illegals, whites, legal gun-owners, honest Americans and Holder's DOJ thugs cooperating now?

And what had Obama done by early 2009 to POSSIBLY justify that quote?

Not to mention Jews laboring under Obama's "What is fair?" policy.

Obama is to peace as an asshole is to art.

Sure, there's a connection there, somewhere. And you just need to listen to MSNBC to tell you what it is.

When Maddow, Matthews, "ED" and others take a moment to sniff what they're perpetrating on the rest of us, maybe they'll see it's not so tingly. Maybe they'll see what the statists are advancing.

But I doubt it.

They like thinking they're right. Without history and human nature.