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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"White Privilege"

I am white. Caucasian. A pasty-faced Irish Catholic white boy. Parents a couple of immigrants from County Cork. He knocked her up on the boat; she declined his proposal of marriage; my adoption straight out of the hospital was the first, and possibly happiest consequence. Even so, my adoptive parents weren't at all well-to-do. I've had to work for a living since I was fifteen, and nothing has ever come easily to me.

So I ain't felt no "white privilege," meself.

Who do these jackasses think they are? By what logic do they claim that anyone whose skin is lighter than a Frappuccino with extra whipped cream enjoys some kind of "privilege?" If anything, it's the other way around. Blacks get preferential treatment under the law. Hispanics do too, especially the illegals, Janet Napolitano's smarmy demurrers notwithstanding. And swarthy Allah-prostrating types from the Middle East? Don't go there; TSA screeners have never yet touched one on his "junk," no matter how large the Koran he was toting. (Expect that fraction to get even smaller with the "sequester.")

But here's the part I like best:

The U.S. is characterized by a longstanding pattern of large structural racial inequality that deepens further as a result of economic downturn. Although there have been some improvements in the income gap up until around the mid 1970s, the employment gap, and the racial wealth gap - two dramatic indicators of economic security - remains exorbitant and stubbornly persistent. We offer two race-neutral programs that could go a long way towards eliminating racial inequality, while at the same time providing economic security, mobility and sustainability for all Americans. The first program, a federal job guarantee, would provide the economic security of a job and the removal of the threat of unemployment for all Americans. The second program, a substantial child development account that rises progressively based on the familial asset positioning of the child’s parents, would provide a pathways towards asset security for all Americans regardless of their economic position at birth. [Emphasis added by the Preemptive Offender]

Someone please help me out here, as my IQ is just barely above 200 (yes, really): How can a "race-neutral" program do anything about "structural racial inequality?" Doesn't that inexorably mean that the program would favor blacks over whites?

Given that the authors' paper first appeared in some BS publication called "The Review of Black Political Economy," as if "political economy" could possibly favor one group without disfavoring another, I'd say their bigotry is already on display. But...wait just a moment...what's that I hear from the peanut gallery?


Oh. Of course. Because when blacks exercise their well-known, seldom-disguised bigotry toward whites, it's quite all right. Indeed, to protest the iniquity of it is racism on our part!

Even I, the Preemptive Offender, 2013's world biliousness champion, don't have enough spleen to reply adequately to that.

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