Preemptive Offenses

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Beautiful Theories And Ugly Facts

When confronting a racism-shouter, it's nice to have certain statistics on hand, including these:

  • Though Negroes are only about 13% of the American populace, they commit slightly more than 50% of all homicides;
  • The typical victim of a homicide committed by a Negro is...another Negro.

Today we add to those statistics:

A Brooklyn man was convicted today of first-degree murder for shooting a 16-year-old girl to stop her from pressing assault charges against his friend.

Kendale Robinson, 21, shot teen Al-Taya Conyers three times on a Boerum Hill street in 2010, then stood over her, prosecutors said.

“As she lay on the ground she cried for mercy,” assistant district attorney Tim Gough said during the Brooklyn Supreme Court trial.

“[Robinson] took that handgun and pointed it at Al-Taya Conyers head and pulled the trigger three more times.”

Robinson was charged with first-degree murder because Conyers was a witness to a crime when she was killed. He could get up to life in prison when he is sentenced.

The Post has graciously provided us with a photo of the murderer:

That famed race-card-sharp Jesse Jackson once commented dourly that when he's walking down the street at night and hears footsteps behind him, he's always relieved to discover that they're coming from a white man. How do you feel about it, sports fans?


Weetabix said...

You have to wonder sometimes whether the Left's actual purpose is the elimination of blacks by blacks. They Left sets up the unholy petri dish and lets a poisonous culture grow that consumes itself. Or escapes the petri dish and consumes the lab and experimenters.

The tragic and infuriating thing is that the attributes the Left screechingly accuses the Right of, the Left possesses in spades (no pun).

One of their big refrains is that we "don't care about anyone." All the while, they promote programs demonstrated to cause actual harm, while we propose courses of action that will build character-handicapped people up into men.

Please pardon my cynicism - I've found myself immersed in duplicity lately that I can't seem to shut down or escape. It's affected my attitude.

pdwalker said...

The truth certainly is black and white.

People refuse to believe what their own lying eyes tell them.