Preemptive Offenses

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

When In Doubt, Confuse The Issue

It appears that Ward Churchill, America's previously best-known fake Indian, has finally gotten his comeuppance for being a viciously dishonest left-wing jerk:

You remember Ward Churchill — he’s the former University of Colorado ethnic studies professor who claimed that the United States deserved the September 11, 2001 attacks because of “ongoing genocidal American imperialism.”

Well, he’s been fighting a losing battle to get his job back ever since he was eventually fired for (unrelated) plagiarism and fabricated research.

On Monday, the United States Supreme Court rejected Churchill’s appeal without comment.

Pretty good already! But for your beloved Offender, the best part comes a bit later in the article:

[Churchill's attorney David] Lane was substantially less effusive.

“It’s disappointing from the perspective that the First Amendment has suffered as a result of this,” the attorney told the Daily Camera. “I am sorry that the regents have been given the green light to violate the Constitution any time they feel a need.”

Fascinating! To fire an instructor / researcher for plagiarism and fabricated research somehow offends against the First Amendment? Is it a violation of the freedom of speech? Naah, can't be. How about freedom of the press? That doesn't hold water either. Must be about freedom of religion: "the right of the venom-filled leftist to worship himself as above all standards of moral or ethical conduct." If only Michael Bellesiles had known!

Churchill must be off his game. Or perhaps he didn't think to consult with our currently best-known fake Indian, United States Senator Elizabeth Warren. Warren, who's averted the nastier consequences from her, ah, ancestral fantasies, has mastered the art of lying out both sides of her mouth, though I'm not sure she's appropriated anyone else's words with which to do so.

Hey, Ward, have some homely advice: If you're going to steal another man's prose, make your victim an unknown already in the grave, preferably without any surviving relatives.

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daniel_day said...

I can take pride in having made my small contribution to Churchill's departure from my alma mater. When the engineering department made its annual call requesting a donation, I explained to the caller that Churchill had made a laughingstock of the university, and I was withholding contributions until the university got rid of him.