Preemptive Offenses

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hatred Of Facts And Logic

When a man says he believes murder is wrong, but then goes on a killing spree, we're entitled to believe he was insincere, right? You would, wouldn't you?

Well, when a man says he believes murder is right -- commanded by God, in fact -- and then goes on a killing spree, aren't we entitled to believe that he meant what he said?

Apparently not in San Francisco:

San Francisco leaders and the local Muslim community are slamming what they call a series of anti-Islam bus ads that contain quotes attributed to terrorists.

The ads, which began appearing on at least 10 city buses Monday, contain quotes such as one attributed to the militant Islamic group Hamas that reads: "Killing Jews is worship that brings us closer to Allah."

"San Francisco is a city that celebrates its diversity and hateful speech and discrimination against our Arab and Muslim communities will never be tolerated," Mayor Ed Lee said according to KTVU.

Lee, District Attorney George Gascon and other elected officials joined Arab and Muslim community leaders to publicly condemn the ads Monday, calling them racist.

"These offensive ads serve no purpose than to denigrate our city's Arab and Muslim communities," Gascon said.

Check me on this, sports fans: Is Islam a race? I didn't think so. But maybe that's not as relevant as this: Did a HAMAS spokesman or HAMAS document make that statement?

Oh, by the way, mealy-mouthed San Franciscans: How does "diversity" function as a defense of jihadist murder-talk? Given that universities in the Bay Area, including publicly-funded ones, are hotbeds of pro-Palestinian / destroy-Israel sentiment, I expect you to have a defense ready. I can't wait to hear it. Wait, what's that?

Shut Up.



The American Freedom Defense Initiative was founded by Pamela Geller, who first came to prominence via her blog Atlas Shrugs. Pam's a smart gal, and as feisty as they come. Those who would silence her haven't got a hundredth of her courage or clarity.

What's that you say? They're afraid of an outbreak of that famous "Muslim outrage?" Wouldn't that make Pam's message even more urgent?

Don't expect the polymorphously perverse denizens of Sodom on the Pacific to answer that one clearly. They're too afraid they might get something cut off. No, not their heads. Something they're actually using.

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