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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Business Of Murder

'Twas once a time when a scourge lay upon our hallowed land: a plague of gangland violence, in the perpetration of which a group vulgarly known as "Murder, Inc." was prominently featured:

Murder, Inc. (or Murder Incorporated or the Brownsville Boys; known in syndicate circles as The Combination) was the name the press gave to organized crime groups in the 1930s through the 1940s that acted as the "enforcement arm" of the Jewish Mafia and later American Mafia, the early organized crime groups in New York and elsewhere. Originally headed by Louis "Lepke" Buchalter, and later by Albert "The Mad Hatter" Anastasia, Murder, Inc. was responsible for between 400 and 1,000 contract killings, until the group was exposed in the early 1940s by informer and group member Abe "Kid Twist" Reles. In the trials that followed, many members were convicted and executed, and Abe Reles himself died after mysteriously falling out of a window. Thomas E. Dewey first came to prominence as a prosecutor of Murder, Inc. and other organized crime cases.

Gee! They might have killed as many as a thousand people! And they did it for money! No wonder Tom Dewey was able to build a political career out of putting them down.

I sure am glad we got rid of those scum. People who murder for money are the lowest of the low. Things sure are better now, aren't they?

Oh, wait...

A new ad campaign against teen pregnancy in New York City has toddlers in tears and some advocates fuming over the harsh messages.

“Dad, you’ll be paying to support me for the next 20 years,” says one ad featuring a solemn-faced toddler, while another reads, “Honestly Mom, chances are he won’t stay with you.” The ad with the teary boy says: “I’m twice as likely not to graduate high school because you had me as a teen.”...

Planned Parenthood of New York City also denounced the public education campaign, saying the posters stigmatize teen parents.

“The latest NYC ad campaign creates stigma, hostility, and negative public opinions about teen pregnancy and parenthood rather than offering alternative aspirations for young people,” Haydee Morales, a vice president for the group, said in a news release. “The city’s money would be better spent helping teens access health care, birth control, and high-quality sexual and reproductive health education, not on an ad campaign intended to create shock value.”

But supporters say strong ads like these, similar to ones used in Milwaukee, actually do work to deter teen pregnancy.

"The teen birth rate in Milwaukee has decreased nearly 35 percent since the inception of this campaign in 2006," Nicole Angresano, vice president of community impact at United Way of Greater Milwaukee, said on TODAY.

Gee! Planned Parenthood is against a couple of ads that have demonstrably succeeded in deterring teen pregnancies! But wait: Aren't teen pregnancies almost always unplanned? Wouldn't that make PP favor such ads?

Nope. Not for an instant. PP is in the business of murder.

PP gets a hefty slice of its revenues from abortions. A large fraction of that is taxpayer dollars. Don't be fooled by the circumlocutions; PP wants as many teens to get pregnant as possible. It wants those municipal bucks to flow into its own coffers.

But...but...but...PP supposedly exists to help couples plan their child-bearing, don't they? So unplanned teen pregnancies should be something PP would oppose on organizational principle, right?

Shut Up.



Don't expect "caring, compassionate" liberals to catechize PP over this, nor to utter one word in support of the city's ad campaign. Abortion is a liberal sacrament. You're not a card-carrying liberal, entitled to the trust and confidence of other liberals, until you've either had an abortion or have been the reason for one.

The Democrat Party owes PP for a lot of votes. In time, that might tell against them, as it's overwhelmingly liberal women who allow their babies to be murdered, and the most common source of a young person's political views is his parents. But for now, keeping Planned Parenthood financially healthy is #1 on the Democrat priority list. Anyway, they figure the illegal aliens will make up the difference at the polls. With a little assistance from nightstick-wielding black thugs, of course.

What's that you say? What about those toddlers in tears? Well, what are they crying about? Being the get of a teen slut who thought she might be an exception to the rules? I sincerely doubt it's over not having been murdered in the womb.

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